Sunday 2 March

After a lazy start, we took Max for a walk and went off to explore the Soho Loop on foot.  This part of the Birmingham Canal Network is a loop off the Birmingham Level Main Line of about a mile and a half.   The first half of the walk comprised factory walls backing onto the canal with no indication of what went on beyond them, and then it opened out into a mixture of parkland and housing.   At the half way point, there is a little branch off to Hockley Port which is now a cultivated oasis with permanent house boats moored there.  The canal then  passes Winson Green Prison which has an elegant entrance building from which  the high walls fan out.  The canal then passes  under Asylum Bridge, to indicate the prison’s original use.   As we headed back to the boat it started to rain and we got soaked.   Dripping coats were hung up to dry and we huddled round the fire for the rest of the afternoon and evening as the rain was constant.