Tuesday 18 February

We’d planned a visit to the NEC Camping & Caravan Show and left the boat in Audlem and went to catch the 08.59 bus from Audlem to Nantwich Railway Station.  We’d read somewhere that buses left from outside the church, so finding a bus time- table affixed to a post in the Butterdings shelter next to the church suggested that this building might double as a bus shelter.    We were soon joined by someone else who looked like they were catching the bus and she said that sometimes this formed the bus shelter but she then proceeded to tell us about all the exceptions in the day when you had to stand on a different side of the church and/or road!

The bus arrived punctually and we were the only three passengers and the helpful lady continued to chatter away, and by the time we arrived into Nantwich we knew her life story.   We saw the level crossings ahead of us and pressed the ‘stop’ button,  but the driver continued on past the  station, left at the roundabout before he finally stopped.  We were informed by the helpful lady that the stop used to be before the station but since they’d automated the barriers, the bus stop had moved.   As I got off the bus I happened to ask where was the stop for our return.   “Back round the corner, opposite the pub by the streetlight” was the reply.

Our journey to the NEC was uneventful after that and we sat back and enjoyed the scenery as we hurtled southwards on the train and we had a very pleasant day out.

On our return to Nantwich later that day we went to the appointed streetlight and prayed we’d chosen the right street light as there was no indication that this was a bus stop.   Thankfully the bus arrived and picked us up and we got safely back.

We’d seen very few bus passengers on either journey and we wondered whether the lack of signage was to blame.  Being cynical we hope that this isn’t going to result in the local council arguing that a service isn’t needed in rural areas.