Thursday 6 February

A warm and sunny morning provided the perfect opportunity for Storm to carry out a full engine service;  new oil, fuel and air filters all fitted  and gearbox and engine oil drained and renewed and anti-freeze topped up, while I washed the outside of the boat.  The local household tip will even recycle our oil.

A chat with the CRT staff working on the lock re progress made us eternally grateful to the diesel boat guy for whom the locks are opening on 15 Feb specifically to allow him to move his boat towards Manchester, otherwise the lock would have remained closed until all the works were time-tabled to be finished on 7 March.


They are planning an open day  and I was amused that some comedian had been handed some signs with a post-it note attached.  I hope you can zoom in to see what the note says.  Hrmm – job done!


The note says:  Please fix to fence.