Tuesday 7 January

The weather forecast suggested that the morning would be fine so we left Lymm in sunshine and headed for Manchester.   Three and a half hours to Castlefield Basin, passing through Sale and past Old Trafford and Salford Quays.   The heavens opened just as we were passing Old Trafford but by the time we’d moored up the sun was shining again!

This is the view from our back door.



3 thoughts on “Tuesday 7 January

  1. Thanks for the Christmas card with website details. We’ve unearthed our Inland Waterways map and are following your progress as we did on your last trip.
    All the best for 2014

  2. Sorry this isn’t on the relevant post, but the comments button isn’t there. I recognised Bramble cuttings from the photo. We’ve stopped there a couple of times and very nice it is too.
    Narrowboat did good food in Middlewich when we went a year or so ago. Are you aware of a bigger Tescos a bit further into town than the small one. It’s off to the left behind the shops after the little one. Enjoy your box sets and your wait. x

    • Thank you for your advice. We’ve visited the Narrowboat a couple of times and took part in the quiz there last night. We came last by a small margin – our defence is that there were only the two of us in our team and we weren’t using smart phones. Large Tescos and new Morrisons both discovered.

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