Saturday 21 December

We’ve been moored in Christleton for the last few days; a lovely picturesque village just on the outskirts of Chester    Today as the sun was shining we decided to make the most of the good weather.  After five wide locks we moved into Chester and moored up near the shot tower where they used to make lead shot for 12 bore cartridges by dropping hot lead from the top and as it fell the droplets would cool and form balls.


It was touch and go whether we would get through the last lock though because as the trip boat from the Mill Hotel which was out ahead of us, left the lock, the steel collar  that anchors the lock gate to the stonework snapped leaving the gate leaning at a procarious angle.   Thankfully we only need one lock gate open on wide locks to get out and the damaged gate was not resting on the good one remaining.   The trip boat captain came to warn me of the damage and agreed to notify the Canal River Trust engineers.

Within an hour of mooring up, the weather had turned and strong winds and hailstones were battering us against the canal edge.  Doors battened down we listened to the noise whilst warmed by the stove at 30 deg C.


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